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George Washington University
ICSB World Congress, Washington D.C.: July 2022.
Contribution: Effectuation theory - an underpinning of gender inequality in the entrepreneurship field?

IPAG Paris
ICSB World Congress "L'Exposition Universelle d'Humane Entrepreneurship, Paris: July 2021.
Contribution: Sustainable City by Design - Entrepreneurship meets Social Work.

2021 ICSB

Kharkov University of Humanities PUA/ Ukraine
International Conference "Prospective students' environment under glocalization", Kharkiv: February 2021
Contribution: Social Entrepreneurship Education in a glocalizied world.

American University Cairo/ Egypt
International Conference "Future of Entrepreneurship", Cairo: June 2019.
Contribution: Experiential Education Excercise "How to drive growth".

098 Kairo

Kharkov University of Humanities PUA/ Ukraine
International Conference "Smart Education in a Smart Society", Kharkov: February 2019.
Contribution: Blended Learning to Enhance Digital & Entrepreneurial Competencies in Smart Education.

007 Kharkov

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina
International Council for Small Business (ICSB) World Conference, Taipeh/ Taiwan: June 2018.
Contribution: "Object-Based Learning in Entrepreneurship Education Using Museum Collections".

094 Argentinien

International Conference for Entrepreneurship Teaching and Research (USASBE)
Los Angeles, USA
Contribution: "Experiential Excercise - The 'Recreational Vehicles' Case" (January 2018)

Linguistics University Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
100 Years Anniversary, November 2017.

01 Russland

Stevens Institute of Technology New Jersey, USA
61st Annual World Conference "Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Society - Transforming Our World Together" (ICSB), New Jersey/ New York: June 2016.
Contribution: "Experiential Excercise: Teaching Effectuation with Pop Songs".


San Diego State University, USA
30th Annual World Conference "Entrepreneurship Everywhere" (USASBE), San Diego: January 2016.
Contribution: "Experiential Excercise: Breaking Bad - Learning about entrepreneurial and moral development through reflection on a crime drama".

San Diego 2016
United Arab Emirates University al-Ain, UAE
60th Annual World Conference "Entrepreneurship at a Global Crossroads" (ICSB), Dubai: June 2015.
Contribution: "Experiential Excercise: The Effectuation Experiment".

Dubai 2015
University of Tampa, USA
29th International Conference for Entrepreneurship Teaching and Research (USASBE), Tampa: January 2015.
Contribution: "Experiential Excercise: The Effectuation Experiment".

Tampa 2015
Touro College, USA
21st International Conference on Learning, New York City: July 2014.
Contribution: "Pop Songs in Social Science Education".

NYC 2014
American Economic Association Committee on Economic Education, USA
3rd Annual Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education 2013, Chicago
Contribution: "Is all fair in classroom experiments? The Fishing Game between the priorities of property rights theory and behavioral economics".

Chicago 2013
Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Conference on Teaching, Testing and Assessment in Education, Apr. 2013
Contribution "Geschlechterspezifische Arbeitsmarktsegregationen - Implikationen für eine geschlechtergerechte Fachdidaktik".

Nischnij Novgorod 2013
Association of European Economics Education, EU
Conference "Economic Crisis - Catastrophe or Opportunity, Bad Honnef: 29 Aug. 2012
Contribution: "Financial Crisis - An ideal Teaching Moment".

London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK
6th Conference on Developments in Economics Education 2011, London: 06 Sept. 2011
Poster Presentation: "The Beauty-Contest Game".

London 2011
Stanford University, USA
National Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education 2011, Palo Alto: 01 Jun. 2011
Contribution: "Economic Education in Germany".

Stanford 2011
University of Engineering and Pedagogy Krim, Ukraine
Conference Dialog of Cultures, Simferopol: 24 Apr. 2011
Video-Presentation "Gender Segregation in MINT-Occupations".

State Linguistic University, Ukraine
Conference Ukraine and the World - Languages and Cultures, Kiev: 30 Mar. 2011
Keynote-Presentation "Gender equality on the German labour market in theory and practice".

SOKENDAI University Tokio, Japan at the Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences (CPIS),
Video-Conference "Perspective on education in today's highly advanced Information Society focusing upon principle and idea of education"
Presentation "Humboldt in the 21st Century - University Education in Germany today".

University of British Columbia, Canada
International Conference on Ubiquitous Learning, Vancouver: 10 Dec. 2010.
Contribution: "360-Degree Evaluation of E-Learning Measures. Taking into Account Phases, Levels, Stakeholders and Methods" (virtual).

Council for Economic Education, USA
Annual Conference, Miami: 8 Oct. 2010.
Contribution and Session Chair: "Exploring Gender Differences in Competition - an Online-Classroom Experiment".

HAN University, Netherlands
20th Global IntEnt Conference on Internationalizing Entrepreneurship Education and Training, Arnhem: 5-7 Jul. 2010.
Contribution: "Fostering Gender-competency with Regard to Entrepreneurship Education".

Stockholm University, Sweden
6th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, Stockholm: 5-8 Aug. 2009.
Contribution: "With employability and economic education to more gender mainstreaming".

International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, USA
7th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (EISTA), Orlando: 10-13 Jul. 2009.
Contribution: "A Set of Standard Rules for the Gender-Sensitivity of Integrated E- and Classroom-Learning".

University of Barcelona, Spain
16th International Conference on Learning, Barcelona: 1-4 Jul. 2009.
Contribution: "Employability in the Bologna Process: An Area of Tension between Society, Businesses and Students".

Research Institute of Asian Women (RIAW), UNESCO Chair at Sookmyung Women's University Seoul, Korea
International Symposium on "Gender Sensitivity and Diversity in E-learning", Seoul: 9-12 Oct. 2008.
Contribution: "Blended Learning Approaches to Enhance Gender Mainstreaming".

Korea RIAW Oct 2008
Athens Institute for Education and Research, Greece
The 6th International Conference on Management, Athens: 7-10 July 2008.
Contribution: "Enhancing employability of non-business graduates by business education as a part of extracurricular studies", supported by DFG (German Research Community).

Griechenland Athen Jul 2008
United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, USA
The 21st Annual Conference: The Wide World of Entrepreneurship, Orlando: 13-15 Jan. 2007.
Contribution: "Fostering Knowledge Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Investigating and Overcoming Knowledge Deficits in Management Control".

USA Florida Jan 2007


National Linguistic University Kiev/ Ukraine
Seminar "Entrepreneurhsip & Intercultural Studies", September 2019.


ICSB Academy at American University Cairo/ Egypt
Workshop "Start with a vision", June 2019.

102 Kairo

South East European University Tetovo, Macedonia
Seminar "Entrepreneurhsip and Intercultural Studies", August 2018.


ICSB Academy at New Horizon Taipeh, Taiwan
A Curvy Effectuation Workshop "When life gives you lemons ...", June 2018.

096 Taiwan

South East European University Tetovo, Macedonia
Seminar "Entrepreneurhsip and Intercultural Studies", September 2017.

ICSB Academy at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Buenos Aires, Argentina
Knowledge Elective Workshop "Effectuation - Designing, not Planning", June 2017.

095 Argentinien

University of Humanities "People's Ukrainian Academy" Kharkiv, Ukraine
Seminar "Social Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Studies", October 2016.

National Linguistic University Kiev, Ukraine
Seminar "Unternehmertum und Interkulturalität", September 2016.

19 Kiew

ICSB Academy at Stevens Institute of Technology New Jersey, USA
Knowledge Elective Workshop "Effectuation - Designing, not Planning", June 2016.


University of St. Gallen Institute of Management in Asia, Singapore
Seminar "Intercultural Management", August 2015.

Singapur 2015

Linguistics University Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Seminar "Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Studies", May 2014.

NiNo 2014

People's Ukraine Academy Kharkiv, Ukraine
Workshop "International Entrepreneurship Education", November 2013.

Kharkiv 2013
Vietnamese-German University Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam
Vietnam Entrepreneurship Challenge "Intercultural Studies and Business Gaming", March 2013.

18. August 2013
Vietnamese-German University Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam
Business Simulation "CCC Management", June 2012.

Vietnam 2012
National Linguistic University Kiev, Ukraine
Seminar "Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Studies", May 2012.

Kiew 2012
National Linguistic University Kiev, Ukraine
Seminar "International Trade and Labour Migration" and lecture "Introductory Economics", April 2011.

Kiew 2011
National Institute of Multimedia Education Tokio, Japan
Host of Prof. Kobayashi lecturing: "ICT-supported education with regard to the UNESCO agenda and its intercultural aspects", Oct. 2010.

Toshio 2010
iVWA China
Associate Professor Jiangsu College of Technology Wuxi: "International Accounting", Sep. - Oct. 2007.

China iVWA Sep 2007
State University Ust Kamenogorsk/ Kazakhstan
Docent: "German-Kazakh Case Study Workshop", supported by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Mar. 2007.

Kasachstan Mar 2007
Goethe-Institute Moscow, Russia
Docent: "Business Gaming Seminar - German Career Competition", Dec. 2005.

Mongolian National University Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Docent: "German-Mongolian Regional Business Studies", Sep. - Oct. 1999 supported by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).


FASTIP, Aleksander Moisiu Universiteti, Albania
Research visit: "International Financial Literacy", May 2010.

Albanien 2010
University College Dublin, Ireland
Research visit: "Action-oriented Teaching", Aug. 2004.

PKO Bank Polski SA Warsaw, Poland
Internship Trade Service: "German-Polish Direct Investments", Jul. 2002.

Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland
Language and Regional Studies: "Poland - Economy in Transition", Sep. 2001 - Feb. 2002.
Jalta, Ukraine
Language and Regional Studies, Sep. - Oct. 2000.

State University St. Petersburg, Russia
Language and Regional Studies, Feb. - Mar. 2000.

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